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Okay so my life has taken some crazy turns. And I have done some really fun stuff over the last few months and had some some things that happened that weren’t as fun. I am going to try and get back into posting and the name does say it….365 days to figure it out. So the year has thrown me a road block or two but its how you get over that block that makes you a better person and helps to define you as a person. So here we go…..again….lol.

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So my first derby match is tonite and I am a big bundle of nerves. I mean of course I planned a meeting with a potential nanny job this morning up in PA and then I have to run home and change and get to the center by 230…nothing like cramming extra stuff to make my life a little I swear I just can’t do one thing at a time. And tomorrow I have a 5k in the city so that is exciting as well. I am totally not forgetting my camera tonite I need pics and a bunch of them. I now that after the first 5 minutes I should be better this evening and since most people who are coming have no idea what we are doing that is always a!!!!

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Williamsburg VA

I just downloaded a bunch of photos onto my computer and I realized I never put my trip to Williamsburg on here. It was so great. My parents just moved there and we went down for Christmas. I love the colonial era and they really know how to take you back. It was amazing to see the old homes and everyone dressed and acting as if it was not 2010. Its funny cause you actually find yourself saying things like Good Morrow…lol. You just can’t help it. So here is a photo journey of my trip….

Everything in these wreaths is edible

My sister and her family

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I haven’t been posted lately and its not like I want to give up on this at all and its not like I don’t have the I have is time. I just couldn’t think of anything to really say.

This week is definitely better than last and I am sure next week will get easier. I just really like to go go go and to have to back down and wrap my head around the fact that I no longer have a job is disheartening and really tough. I pride myself on being a hard worker and one that is willing to help anyone out so for me to be let go and to think of the others that were allowed to stay just well it fing pisses me I know that you aren’t supposed to look at the past and dwell since there is no way to change it but man I still have a little place in my brain that just holds onto this anger and frustration. It is getting smaller each day and of course some are better than others so I am moving on.

So when someone says that homeownership is the best…they have a I swear if we rented we would be packed up and moving to a small town in New England on the side of a mountain resort where my dogs could run all day and I would just be outside…one can dream……

Oh yeah and also for all those people that are like man I would love to do nothing all day long..just think about that statement when you have no money cause all day is a long time with no cash.

Promise the next couple will be happier and lighter…and I have two races coming up in March and my first roller derby game so I am excited!

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Snowmageddon 2010

Seriously the snow is kind of ridiculous…lol. I love the snow to a point but once you get up to about 5 feet then I am kind of over it. I mean I am 5’2 so its kind of a lot when I get lost in the drifts.

Deer coming across the road

I want to run, I want to bike, I want to SKATE, I want to be able to walk my dog on the sidewalk not the road, I want to be able to go to the store and buy bread without having to beat down the other customers for the last loaf, i want to be able to drive to the gym without worrying if my car might not make the trip, I want to be able to come into my house without a snow pile blowing in, I want I want I want…lol. Okay so the vent is over. I have had to get creative with my workouts…I shoveled snow, walked my dog down every side street through the snow and seriously did one of the hardest workout videos on kick my butt!! It was beautiful though.

I have had two snow days from work and while it has been wonderful sleeping in and being in pj’s all day but I actually miss work. Well kind of…lol. I miss being able to go to work or go anywhere. I did miss my snowball fight these past two days so I will just have to tag someone tomorrow. Fun!

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I need a helmet…

I think I have decided this evening that I am a tough chic. I mean I don’t like to toot my own horn or blow smoke up my ass but this year I have started taking Krav Maga, broken my nose, started roller derby, broken my toe and tonite took a great elbow shot to the face and not once did I ever really break down and cry or freak out. I just kind of took it in stride. I mean its great that I know I can take a hit but at the same time I am kind of tired of taking those My mother would like me to do something no contact like yoga but knowing me I would end up with my leg over my head and pull a groin. As Walker would say I am the only person that can get hurt doing nothing…I think he might be on to something.

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Chris’ Plunge 2010

My husband would like his day to be talked about as well. So while I was having a blast here is a breakdown of his day:

5am drop off wife at Charred grill.

9am drive to Essex from Owings Mills.

10 am drive home to Owings Mills.

11 am leave Owings Mills drive to Sandy Point.

130 pm arrive at Sandy Point, which by the way is 43.5 miles from house (damn snow)

2 pm to 430 pm stand in line to get back on the bus that I just got off of…in the damn snow

430 pm to 7pm drive in the damn snow and arrive at Owings Mills.

Day over…

Driving home

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Plunge 2010

I survived my first plunge! And seriously I can’t wait to do it again. It was such an awesome experience for such a great cause. I rode down to Sandy Point on the Ravens Roost Charter bus totally sporting my Patriots fleece. Oh yeah I had to represent. I did bring a Ravens cap just to wear for the So of course in Kismet fashion, I get on the bus and the first thing I do is crack my head on the over head tv’s. Not once but twice. I need a

The lovely weather men in MD had said that we should have a dusting of snow for the day. A dusting turned into 6 inches…man I could do that job so the snow started coming when we got there and it kept coming and coming. It was great. I was drinking good beer and listening to a great cover band at 10 in the morning. It was cold why not make the best of it! I got warm pretty quick. That was until I had to trek across the sand to the woman’s tent. So there I am in tent, without my group, kind of having a mini meltdown since I had no idea what the hell I was thinking or doing and then like the gods were smiling upon me I see Marz and Legs coming through the door…AMEN!!! So we all strip down to the bare minimum and hold hands and walk on the beach. Holy crap that sand is cold and there we are moving around wet and dry bodies fully focused on getting to the water. Bam….water ahead….man this is it I am going to go..water temp 37 deg. outside temp 12 deg. I can do this I can do this….I AM IN!!!! Okay I’m out…lol. It was great, however the wait for the tent sucked but oh well. Then due to weather conditions they close the plunge so now comes the problem of driving home. See they had bused in all the 3 o’clock plungers and they were supposed to just bus out the 1’oclockers but when you shut it down then all those people have to leave at the same time. The plunge was easy it was the 2 and a half hour wait for the bus that was rough. Thank goodness I had the sense to buy a pair of sweats and another sweatshirt and thank goodness it all fit over all of my All in all the day was amazing and I would do it again in a heart beat.

7:30 am

7:30 am

Marzi and Motor pumped up for the plunge

Creepy that is all I have to say...creepy


Posing with the Bob Erlich

Plunge time!

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I have actually been really good about blogging over the past month and I hope to be able to continue for the rest of the year. There are a couple of gaps due to work and home stress and I am trying to work through those. On days that take a toll its hard to try and do anything new or different when all you want to do is curl up in a ball under the covers and sleep the day away. I am trying to overcome this challenge and I think I have done a pretty good job. Each day gets a bit easier and I have a bunch of great stuff to look forward to. The plunge is this weekend and I have signed up for two races in March. I have a game that I will play in as well in March and I think we are going to try and do Gettysburg on horse back in April. I promise to start adding pics to this as soon as I get a new camera cord, since my puppy decided that is was a chew toy. Lovely…lol.

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Oh you yummy latte

So my month is up! I made it the whole month without buying a latte. Which I have to say is quite a feat. So to celebrate I have had one for the past three days…lol. But, sadly, today is my last one for another month. I just can’t have the expense and really they are delish but not worth the money. So I am sitting here enjoying the frothy goodness for the last time over the next thirty days.

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